Rebekah, the book series covers the life of a once abandoned and abused Pekingnese, Rebekah.

Rebekah as Her Journey Begins

ISBN 1-933912-00-6

Rebekah, a small black dog that has been abused terribly by humans, has no idea what God has planned for her. She doesn't know if she can trust the young couple that have adopted her. Because she has never had the opportunity to establish a relationship with anyone, even other animals, the discovery that other dogs and cats can TALK as well as she does, is only the beginning of what lies ahead for her. Soon she is partnering with one of God's angels to assure God's will is realized for those with special wishes. To accomplish these tasks, she must battle evil. But her question is, "How? I am just too little."

Biblical story in this book: David and Goliath

Rebekah and the Witch

ISBN: HARDCOVER - 978-1-4415-1888-0

           SOFTCOVER - 978-1-4415-1887-3

"Rebekah and the Witch" begins where "Rebekah as Her Journey Begins" ended. As the book begins, Rebekah has just returned from her first assignment with Sarah to find that something is wrong with her beloved brother, Harrison. Rebekah must deal with his illness and subsequent death.

As Rebekah returns to work, she and Sarah once more join forces. Rebekah and Sarah enter the dark world of witchcraft to save a young girl. Rebekah learns how easily it is to fall victim to the evils of Satan.

This book combines fact, fiction, and a bit of humor in the lives of Rebekah, her family, and friends with the angelic wisdom of Sarah.

Biblical story: King Saul's encounter with the medium.

Rebekah On the Farm

ISBN: Hardcover 978-1-4797-2188-7

          Softcover  978-1-4797-2187-0

          Ebook       978-1-4797-2189-4


Mom and Dad are concerned that Rebekah is lonely following the death of their beloved Harrison. Dad is about to reveal a surprise new family member as the second installment of the Rebekah series, "Rebekah and the Witch" ended.

Rebekah's newly adopted baby brother is a very young and clumsy Golden Retriever puppy, Gideon.

Rebekah goes through a series of different emotions as she meets and attempts to accept the new family member.

Rebekah and her family have an eventful vacation at the beach. Her grandparents whom she lovingly calls 'Nanny and Pappy' join them. Rebekah's family is the the victim of an attempted robbery while on vacation.

After returning home, Rebekah receives an assignment that attempts to help another special grandfather abandon the idea of suicide when he discovers he has Alzheimer's disease. This assignment is not only difficult, but also lengthy. Rebekah's attachment to her new family is very strong. Will she want to return home?

Biblical stories: Leah and Jacob

                   Samson and Delilah



and the Sheriff


Dr. K. C. Pyatt

Rebekah and the Sheriff



Rebekah has returned home from her latest assignment. She shares her adventure with her brothers and friends. The latest addition to the neighborhood, Ben, has a very sad and dangerous life. Ben spends the night with Rebekah's family in an attempt to keep him safe from his mom's abusive boyfriend. Rebekah's family must decide the best course to take and care for their new neighbor. Rebekah knows her humans will choose to do the right thing.

Rebekah has her next assignment which takes her to the west into the life of a sheriff in a small town. Sheriff John tries to convince everyone that he is a tough guy and needs no one. John has endured a horrible event in his life. His only child was kidnapped and murdered years ago when she was very young. Sheriff John has managed to block everyone out of his life and is about to loose his wife to divorce because he will not communicate with anyone since the death of his daughter. Rebekah will become his K-9 companion. Can she help Sheriff John solve the murder of his daughter and rebuild his marriage? It is a tall order for such a small dog but, afterall, Rebekah has been chosen by God and she also has Sarah by her side.

Biblical stories include: Cain and Abel

                             Joseph and Mary